Repair Kit

Vitamin C Moisturising Mist 30ml
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This high-powered anti-ageing kit contains DNA repairing enzyme, derived from marine plankton to renew dormant cells and repair damaged cells, regenerating healthy cells. Skin looks firmer and healthier.


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Revitalising Sea Cleanser
A Rich green cleanser formulated with rich paste of organic Laminaria Algae imbued with aromatic essences of Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender and Sage
Benefits: Deep cleansing and revitalises the skin, stimulates micro-circulation and leaves the skin with a fresh, clean feeling
Directions: Apply to damp skin, massage gently and remove with a sponge

Vitamin C Spray
Directions: Mist over the face after cleansing. Also used as refresher. Mist over make-up to maintain skin moisture levels
Benefits: A Sea Water Moisturising mist fortified with Aloe Vera, Muco-Polysaccharides and Anti-Oxidants. Soothing and moisturising
Great for Travelling. Keep your skin from drying on long haul flights. Moisture and still look and feel refreshed when you get there

Marine Serum
Directions: Use daily. Apply a small amount to the face and neck
Benefits: A light Gelatinous Serum blending Aromatherapy into complex of Marine Algae active ingredients

Nourishes and revitalises ageing and environmentally damaged skin in need of the supplementation of vital minerals and collagen building proteins repair
Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Laminaria Algae, Geranium 

Marine Serum Night Repair
Directions: Apply a small amount over the face, neck and decollete following your cleansing routine
Benefits: Ideal Anti-Ageing Moisturiser fortified with DNA Repairing Enzymes extract from Marine Plankton and wrinkle erasing Retinol
Probiotics and skin rejuvenating Seaweed Extract restore balance. The Antioxidant properties and Super Moisturising Acid round this luxurious cream

1 review for Repair Kit

  1. gloria bellinghan

    Started using this kit 8 months ago…I use it every day and have to say my skins never looked so good…
    The sea cleasner makes my skin feel clean and refreshed.
    I use the vitamin c spray straight after cleansing (and also to set my makeup and give a dewy complexion)
    and finish with the marine serum…
    its definitely the best skin range ive ever found and will always use this as part of my skincare regime…
    I then follow with the marine

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