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Anti Fluid Gel


A cooling and analgesic gel to reduce localised pain, swelling and fluid build-up. For heavy legs, bloating and swollen ankles.


A cooling and analgesic gel to reduce localised pain, swelling and fluid build-up. Reduces pain for sore, stiff muscles, bloating and water retention. Presence of laminaria algae, flower acids and calcium peptides promotes skin firmness.

BENEFITS: A great alternative for flight socks. Helpful in eliminating trapped wastes and fluids in treatment of cellulite. Helps to add definition to ankles and knees.

INDICATIONS: For heavy legs, bloating and swollen ankles. Can be used as a spot-treatment on sore muscles and aching feet for temporary relief.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS: For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse well with cool water.


Menthol: Cooling vasoconstrictor, reduces swelling.
Camphor: Anti-inflammatory.
Palmaria Red Algae: Skin soothing emollient.
Pyruvic Acid: Sourced from hibiscus flower for skin gentle skin exfoliation.
Green Tea Extract: Natural antioxidant.
Malic Acid: Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from apples
Evodiamine: Botanical anti-inflammatory.
Centella Asiatica: Skin healing extract of Gotu Kola.
Laminaria Algae: Moisturises and nourishes surface skin.
Lithothamnium Algae: Intense source of calcium and magnesium for reducing bloating.
Glycerin: Vegetal emollient.
Hydroxy Cellulose: Vegetal thickening agent.
Ethanol: Solubilise menthol and camphor crystals.
Liquorice Extract: Anti-inflammatory.
Chlorophyll: Antioxidant.

USE: Apply to swollen affected areas and gently massage until absorbed.

SIZE: 30 ml.

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