Biomagnetic Adjustment Course

In this basic Level 1 course, you are provided with over 12 different techniques on how to use the magnets to improve your vital energy so that it can bring you to a level of health that you desire. Take control of your health.

Our program offers 4 levels of instructions with a certificate given at each level. The certificate is given to show that you were professionally trained on how to use the magnetic reflex, safely apply magnets without causing harm, and how to heal the human body by making energetic adjustments to the vital energy. Therefore, the course is providing professional training in becoming a “VITALISTIC BIO-MAGNETIC THERAPIST”.

Level 1 is only the foundation. One needs all 4 levels to be a true bio-magnetic therapist and to understand the concepts of bio magnetism in relation to the human body.

Many practitioners often complain of severe fatigue or feeling sensitive among many other symptoms that they suffer from caring for others.
Our courses offer techniques to help avoid being infected with all the different types of energies that are very toxic or morbid for us that our clients carry in their bodies.We also teach you how to use your own magnetic reflex to test what energies are trapped in your body that are causing harm unbeknownst to you. This information is important so that you can drain them out of the body to return pH levels back to normal.

I cannot even begin to tell you how so many conventional and Holistic practitioners have been benefiting from all these techniques. They are able to continue in their profession but not be affected or infected with any of the energetic contagions of their clients.

This modality has helped continuously many in these professional fields to obtain strong immune systems especially during this pandemic.

Negative Ions are our tools which are emitted from the north pole of the magnet. They help restore normal pH levels in the body. There are techniques that help rid the body of specific toxic energies and then helps you identify how you are coming into contact with the specific harmful energy. This enables you to avoid coming into contact with it by changing your lifestyle. It truly is life changing.

The basic fundamentals are taught in this level such as:

• How to handle the magnets properly, safely but in a therapeutic manner.

• Energetic hygiene which is not taught in any other magnet course that is in existence as of today.

• Guidance in choosing magnets that you will use on your body wisely.

• Instructions on how to clean your magnets.

• Concepts of how the magnets help your body return to normal pH levels, eliminate inflammation, drain energetic aggressors out of the body, organs, cells, tissues, etc.

• You learn how to muscle test in a very detailed manner by obtaining information on techniques used to do this.

• The most important focal point is how to protect yourself as a therapist from any field that you are professionally trained in but especially that as of a magnet therapist.

These techniques have been used for 20 years, but with new discoveries, they have been enhanced and even more effective now. Many from different holistic and conventional professions have been able to prevent the extreme fatigue, exhaustion, among an extensive list of horrific symptoms that they previously suffered from before applying these techniques.

• You learn methods to reconnect with the earth, by learning techniques to test your environment such as that of your home, work, school, etc.
If your environment shows up to be toxic for you, you now have the tools to correct that problem and make it a place that is safe and favourable to good health. This has been especially helpful with the times we live in where there is so much contact with radiation and Wi-Fi due to the increased usage of electronic devices.

• Basic concepts of how negative charges (ions) work to help the body function normally and help the cells perform their duties.

• One jewel of the crown technique is our “Emotional Adjustment”. We teach you how emotions play a major role in our health and how to use the magnets to find such toxic emotions that are harming you and drain them out of the body.

• Let us not forget about our food intake. You will learn to be able to test every food item you consume to find out if it’s harming you or benefiting you.

2 Day Course + Magnetic Kit £1150

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