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Loredana B Feb 7, 2019 discoloration hyperpigmentation pigmentation 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty

  What is it Hyperpigmentation is quite common and describes dark patches or spots that appear on the skin.  What causes it  Hyperpigmentatios is caused by different factors like sun exposure, hormonal changes, acne scaring, skin injuries, inflammation or age. Sun exposure is the main factor of hyperpigmentation which triggers the production of melanin as a natural sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Sun spots are mainly seen on area often exposed to the sun like the face, neck, deco /...

Hydration ON THE GO – how to face the heat

Loredana B Jul 16, 2018 beauty blog skincare summer essentials 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, General, Information, Skincare

by Loredana B The UK summer has been great so far. I am enjoying the good weather and getting my share of vitamin D daily, but my skin is suffering because of it. The sun is drying it and the air conditioning at work is drying it. That's why I always carry a bottle of face mist with me. Yep ! Such a simple but yet effective product. Hydrate your skin ON THE GO !  Is it really worth you you might ask. Of course it is ! A facial mist it's such a versatile product you can use it any time of the day. And my favourit /...

Tips on moisturising and treating oily skin

Loredana B Feb 13, 2018 acne antiageing beautyblogger blog blogger cleansing exfoliate facemask hydration marineskincare moisturiser naturalbeauty naturalskincare oilyskin organic sebum skincare spatechnologiesuk tone veganskincare 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, General, Information, Skincare, Uncategorized

Moisturising oily skin can be tricky and quite scary. In my teenage years I was told to use products that will dry my skin and that this will minimise the pores and prevent acne. How many of you still believe that? Because it's time to brush this old myth under the carpet and start moisturising your skin.  Using only astringents and water based creams made my skin feeling tight and irritated and I had plenty of spots all over my face, not to mention acne scars from squeezing every white head i saw. I'm guilty o /...