There is a growing trend amongst men now that smearing a blob of borrowed moisturiser over razor rash and remembering to squirt some deodorant on is no longer acceptable. It is however an overwhelming market for the “every day” gent who simply wants a productive but effective skincare regime and buying hundreds of products isn’t the answer. In celebration of Men’s Health Awareness Week we have tackled this issue and here are our top ten tips

                  Here is our simple guide to what you need to do to ensure that those ten minutes in the bathroom are productive


  1. Wash your FaceRevitalising Skin Cleanser. A quality deep pore cleanser with exfoliating properties that will leave your skin cleansed and revitalised – Boom job done!Drink plenty of water
  2. Clean your Teeth – there are two things women look at immediately teeth and heels! It stems from years of our grandmothers telling us never to trust a man with a down trodden heel. Not everyone has a perfect set of pearly white teeth, but equally we can all make the best of what we have. MOT your mouth by paying regular visits to the dentist and when there treat yourself to a stain removal treatment. Smilepod studios offer a High Gloss Diamond Polish which gets rid of nicotine, wine and coffee stains and leaves teeth looking tickety boo. Maintain that look with regular brushing and flossing.
  3. Wear Sunscreen – It is now commonly accepted that the sun and its UV rays cause our skin the most damage and therefore age it quicker than any other toxins (including smoking). A moisturiser that contains an SPF is a vital part of finishing a daily routine.Spa Technologies UK Intensive Moisturiser for Men
  4. Tackle that Razor Rash or Oil that BeardRecovery for Men Moisturiser not only doubles up as a sunscreen but is part of the Spa Technologies “Hero” range and is great at tackling razor rash by redusing redness and soothing irritation. Laminaria Oil can be used to condition beards and make them feel silky smooth (and not like kissing a doormat!)



  1. Eradicate Dark CirclesLuminous Eye Serum will hydrate the delicate area of skin under the eye and re-hydrate it to disguise the accidental mid-week pub stop where one turned to a few, or the lack of sleep from a colicky baby or conference calls to a different time zone. Simply take a pea sized blob and massage into skin under each eye – it will make you feel more awake and fresher almost instantly. 
  2. Exfoliate – There is nothing more off putting than a crusty elbow or flaking foot to just scream out unkempt! Scrub away the weekend every Monday morning with a face and body exfoliator to ensure the week gets off to a fresh start. Pay particular attention to face, hands, feet and dry spots such as knees, heels and elbows.
  3. Smell Nice – smell is the most evocative of all the sense and the way people smell can say a lot. Decide on which sort of aroma you prefer – spicy, leather, citrus or sweet, the way aftershaves interact with skin varies from person to person so spend time trying different ones and going with what works for you (rather than the one your aunt gave you last year from Christmas!)
  4. Hands and Feet – keep hands and feet looking their best with a weekly exfoliate, nail trim and moisturiser.
  5. Treat those Achy Joints –Whilst self-care may not seem like it is part of grooming, it most certainly is. Rubbing some soothing Arnica Gel into the ache that crept up on you whilst playing your weekly round of golf, competing in 5 aside or pulling up an old tree root will help the natural healing process and keep you moving – very pertinent in Men’s Health Week!
  6. Manscape….Everywhere! – A regular trip to the barbers (and while you are there get him to pay some attention to ears and eyebrows to minimise random patches of hair) and a regular trim of all body hair is not only polite but essential in 2018! Keeping everything neat and trimmed with a body hair trimmer will ensure an even cut.