Revitalising Sea Cleanser (100ml)

Organic Seaweed face cleanser
Organic Seaweed face cleanser
Product SKU: HFC-M1012
A deep pore cleanser with exfoliating proprieties, formulated with a rich paste of organic Laminaria Algae and enriched with aromatic essence oils that revitalise the skin by stimulating micro-circulation to restore a healthy glow. Ideal for all skin types.


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A deep pore cleanser formulated with a rich paste of organic Laminaria Algae imbued with aromatic essence oils of Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender and Sage to revitalise the skin by stimulating micro-circulation and restore a healthy glow. A gentle exfoliating cleanser with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

BENEFITS: Deep cleansing and revitalisation. Stimulates micro-circulation and leaves skin with a fresh, clean feeling without stripping it of its natural oils.


Organic Laminaria Algae: Nourishing natural emollient.  Restores minerals and vital elements
Shea Butter: Natural organic emollient
Spirulina Maxima: Chlorophyll antioxidant
Lavender: Cyto-phylactic, aids healing
Rosemary: Oil control and fresh clean scent
Peppermint: Refreshing cooling feel and scent
Sage: Tones and uplifts. 
Juniper Berry: Vaso-constrictor, calming

USE: For all skin types in need of deep cleansing. Apply a small amount to damp hands or sponge and wash face thoroughly .



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