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Oxygenated Renewal Complex (30ml)


Refines surface wrinkles, firms and tones skin.Oxygen immediately increases skin volume by 15% Metabolic booster.

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Product Description

Refines surface wrinkles, firms and tones skin.Oxygen immediately increases skin volume by 15% Metabolic booster.

A Triple Layered Chemical Free Concentrate that blends 50% pure oxygen with seaweed extracts and antioxidants to provide the most potent remedies to reverse the effects of aging.  This formula contains active ingredients only as there are no fillers, preservative, emulsifiers or any other cosmetic ingredient.

Stable form of Vitamin C oil is 50 times more effective than ascorbic acid.  Anti-oxidant stimulates collagen synthesis & promotes skin brightness

Fucos polysaccharide strengthens  connective  tissue  matrix and promotes cellular  turnover  for  skin  renewal.

Rich in copper, zinc, manganese & magnesium—collagen building blocks of collagen

Super Moisturisation & skin healing; helps reduce appearance of wrinkles.

Wrinkle reducing peptide complex to firm up skin.  Skin testing shows  35% improvement of skin elasticity while supporting connective tissue matrix after 28 days use.

Extraordinary dual action power active.  First it catalyzes oxygen consumption in the mitochondria to optimize metabolism.  Further it is a co-antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress and defend cellular DNA.

Liquid oxygen is heavier than water.  Instantly penetrates surface skin to oxygenate all cells while neutralizing carbon dioxide.  Net effect is optimizing skin metabolism to speed up cellular renewal.

Liquid oxygen instantly reduces appearance of wrinkles by 15% due to the fact that it does not dissolve in water or oil.


Apply directly after cleansing skin to firm up and rehydrate skin. Use day and night for wrinkle repair. This 90-day program will exfoliate surface cells without irritation while promoting collagen synthesis for noticeable wrinkle reduction (35%).

For optimum results, shake bottle, press button dropper once take dropper to forehead use one drop for forehead, around the eyes cheeks, mouth area and neck. Liquid Oxygen instantly penetrates into the surface skin leaving a small amount peptides & marine extract, antioxidants to message in. Follow with your moisturiser to provide a moisturising barrier.



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