Marine Serum for acne prone skin

Marine Serum 30ml

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A favorite of ours. This light, oil free gel serum blends Aromatherapy with a complex of Marine Algae active ingredients. Essential Oils provide Antioxidant protection and help to control blemishes on young to mature skin.

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Product Description

A serum blending aromatherapy into a complex of antioxidants marine algae actives, a favourite of ours. A light, oil free intelligent moisturiser that nourishes and re-mineralizes ageing and environmentally damaged skin. Continuous use strengthens the connective tissue matrix for firmer, healthier skin, provides Antioxidant protection and helps to control blemishes. Ideal for skin prone to breakouts.

  • Nourishes and revitalises ageing and environmentally damaged skin.
  • Blend of aromatic essences with Laminaria and Porphyra algae extracts for normal/oily skin types.
  • Improves complexion while toning.



  • Laminaria Algae: Re-mineralising emollient rich in Polyphenols and L-Fucose Polysaccharide to strengthen connective tissue matrix.
  • Porphyra Red Algae: Rich in Omega-3 fatty Acids and Marine Proteins.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic, promotes healing.
  • Resveratrol: Powerful hydro soluble antioxidant, defends DNA against environmental ageing factors.
  • Chlorella extract: Firming and hydrating; rich in amino acids, proline & arginine.


USE: Daily


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