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Intensive Skin Care Kit (limited time only)

xmas edition kit
xmas edition kit
An intensive skin care kit designed for powerful skin repair and anti-ageing. With products packed in antioxidants, minerals, trace elements, essential oils, hibiscus flower acids and natural sun protection, this kit will deliver visible and exceptional results to all skin types. 



Intensive Skin Care Kit was put together to deliver powerful, visible results to your skin. Provides protection against environmental stress and helps and boosts the skin to regenerate at a much faster rate. Skin will be protected from sun damage, harsh weather conditions and pollutants while cells will receive nourishment to boost collagen production. Over time skin will look and feel healthier, more even and toned.

A rich green deep cleanser designed to decongest pores and remove impurities and make-up. Recommended for all skin types. Formulated with organic algae imbued with aromatic essential oils.
BENEFITS:: Revitalises the skin and stimulates microcirculation, provides antioxidants will normalise sebaceous production. Skin will be left feeling smooth, with a fresh clean feeling.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Algae extracts, Essential Oils, Spirulina, Shea Butter, Vitamin E
USE: Apply morning and night with damp hands, massage gently and rinse well.

The multi functional miracle serum provides gradual exfoliation and treats most skin conditions. A concentrate of hibiscus flower acids and green tea acids fortified with salicylic acid in a soothing seaweed base gel.
BENEFITS: Gradual exfoliation without irritation, decongests pores and is essential in any skin care routine. Will help treat acne, oily, dry skin, eczema, rosacea and uneven skin tone. Perfect for sensitive and normal skin to maintain skin cells healthy and thicken the skin. Will diminish and fight the signs of ageing.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus Flower Acids, Tea Tree Acids, Salicylic Acid.
DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount over face, neck and chest area (under and corner of eyes) after cleansing and before applying any other serums or moisturisers.

Organic, natural sun protection in a silky-smooth moisturiser to protect delicate skin against the sun’s harmful rays and fortify the skin with antioxidants.
BENEFITS: Provides moisturisation throughout the day and a SPF 30. Has a smooth finish creating a flawless makeup base.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera, Micronised Titanium and Rhatany Root extract, Vitamin E and Rice Bran Oil
DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount over face and neck after you used the Flower Peel Serum. For really dry skin use a small amount of Intensive Night Recovery before application.

Powerful moisturiser and skin repair serum formulated in a buttery consistency with a blend of algae extract and essential oils enriched with liquid oxygen to detoxify skin cells and drive the active ingredients deep into the dermis.
BENEFITS: Night intensive repair. Will boost cellular metabolism and will shield skin against environmental damage. Will restore dry, irritated skin. We recommend it for mixed skin (dry and oily), normal and sensitive to fight premature ageing and give your skin a smooth, healthy glow.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Organic sunflower Oil, Algae Gel, Liquid Oxygen, Organic Essential Oils, Omega-7 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C & e.
DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount over face, neck and chest area and gently massage until absorbed into the skin. Should be used after cleansing and Flower Peel Serum. Depending on your skin type we recommend using during the day under the SPF 30 All Day Moisturiser.



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