Essentiq stands for natural and organic products that are a result of traditional knowledge enhanced with modern, innovative concepts.

With us, you will always find something new. Either we are developing new products, or we are improving formulations of old products in line with latest developments, or we are planning new promotional or social responsibility campaigns. But regardless of what we do, we always do it with conscientiousness and enthusiasm, as well as love and respect for nature and all living beings. At heart, we are a team of romantics, inspired by pure beauty.

Can you imagine life without herbs, spices, flowers, vegetables or fruits? Neither can we. Are you not overwhelmed by the smell of blooming flowers and trees in the spring, fields of blooming lavender in the summer, the freshness and sharpness of the air in the mountains, or the colourfulness of leaves in the autumn? We are. And we are going one step further by trying to catch these sensations in our products – by basing them on the fruits of nature. The essence and touch of nature. Clean, fresh, unspoilt, gentle. For you and us.

In our products, we use ingredients of natural and organic origin, which have been shown to enrich, nourish and protect the skin and scalp. We select our ingredients with great care and consideration, always keeping in mind their beneficial effects. We include in each product at least 98% of natural ingredients. None of our cosmetic products or home fragrances includes synthetic substances that harm the skin, scalp, or mucous membrane, or the environment or are toxic.


Facial Care
Our facial care line consists of cleaners, facial creams and emulsions.

Products are:

  • FREE of controversial preservatives like parabens, phenoxyethanol or sources of formaldehide.
  • FREE of synthetic colorants and perfumes,
  • FREE of silicones and sulfates (SLS/SLES),
  • FREE of PEG (polyethylene glycol) and EO (Ethylene oxide)
  • FREE of GMO and mineral oils (paraffin).

Facial cleaners and toner are appropriate for all skin types. We have placed the emphasis on active ingredients with high cleaning, moisturising and calming effects. Facial creams you select according to your skin type, effect you wish to achieve (e.g antiage or just nourishing), season, weather conditions (humid, heat/cold, wind).

Hair Care
Herbal shampoos use the synergy of various natural plant extracts that efficiently cleanse, revitalise and balance sebum secretion. We use different combinations of herbs in our shampoos that are adjusted for two different types of scalps. Due to the neutral smell of the herbs used our hair care products are appropriate for use by woman as well as men. Unaggressive and mucosa friendly surfactants make our normal hair shampoo appropriate also for KIDS.

Our shampoos are SULFATE FREE in order to:

  • Reduce chances of developing irritation or on scalp.
  • Increase moisture retention within the hair.
  • Help maintain colour in dyed hair for longer periods of time.

Sulphate free shampoos are beneficial for coloured or otherwise treated hair.

Body Care
We have developed for you a wide range of products needed for complete care of your body. Spoil your body with natural and organic shower gels or intimate soap that effectively clean your skin without drying it out. Nourish your hands and pamper them with hand cream especially when you expose them to strong detergents or unfavourable weather conditions such as excessive sun, wind or cold.

All cleansers are SULFATE FREE in order to:

  • Reeduce chances of developing irritation or inflammations on skin.
  • Increase moisture retention within the skin.
  • Prevent destruction of important acid skin mantle balance and thus protect skin from absorbing harmful chemicals.

Kids Care
The tender skin and soft hair of toddlers and kids requires careful attention and treatment. We are developing the KIDS care line with this in mind. Products are gentle and friendly for the skin and mucous membranes (such as eyes). Products can be used by KIDS from 1 year of age onwards.

KIDS cleaners are SULFATE FREE  in order to:

  • Reduce chances of developing irritation or inflammations on skin or scalp.
  • Increase moisture retention within the hair and the skin.
  • Prevent destruction of important acid skin mantle balance and thus protect skin from absorbing harmful chemicals.

Our selection of products to make your home smell beautifully includes reed diffusers and room sprays, which are all available in four different fragrances: We can also offer white stones on a clay plate that you spray with your preferred fragrance.

What makes Essentiq’s home fragrances special?

  • They are natural and environmentally friendly as we use bio-alcohol, essential oils, 100% vegetable wax, and natural unbleached bio-wick and rattan.
  • They are not toxic
  • They are certified by IFRA (International Fragrance Association).
  • They are packed in glass bottles, the spray pumps are made from recycled aluminium, and the wooden caps are from certified sustainable forests.

For more information or to purchase, please contact us on 0800 804 8808