All Natural and Vegan Certified ingredients

Vegan Beauty Nov 20, 2017

Having a proper skin care routine is essential in preserving youth and tone to the skin. I don't kno /...

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Oily skin and how to get it ready for Haloween

Vegan Beauty Oct 17, 2017

Having problematic skin can lower confidence and increase stress. Dealing with hormonal spots and oi /...

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Vitamin C derivatives and the effects they have to the skin

Vegan Beauty Sep 20, 2017

We all heard about Vitamin C and its beneficial effects on the skin. There are quite a few derivates /...

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For sensitive skin – Gentle Facial Cleanser

Vegan Beauty Sep 5, 2017

For those with sensitive skin the Gentle Facial Cleanser is a great choice to cleanse it without str /...

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Hibiscus Flower Acids – The new AHA

Vegan Beauty Aug 30, 2017

AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids) are well known in the beauty industry and salons and used to exfoliate sk /...

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Repair and rejuvenate your skin with DNA repairing enzymes

Vegan Beauty Aug 22, 2017

We rely on anti-oxidants and SPF to reduce damage to the skin from external factors. But it's not en /...

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Natural pain relief

Vegan Beauty Aug 4, 2017

I'm sure many of you have suffered muscle pain or bruising and the market offers many products you c /...

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Fight the signs of ageing with natural ingredients

Vegan Beauty Aug 2, 2017

There are many external factors which can cause premature ageing of the skin like sun and pollution. /...

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Claim your free Vitamin C Mist

Vegan Beauty Aug 1, 2017

  Offer ends on 31st AUG To refresh your skin and makeup you need this soothing Vitamin C /...

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Why oxygen is vital in our skin care routine

Vegan Beauty May 23, 2017

Your skin needs to breath! It is a fact we need oxygen to breath. The higher the quality of o /...

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Flower Peel Serum – The secret to flawless skin

Vegan Beauty Mar 2, 2017

  Have you ever wondered if it's possible to find that product that can give you the most am /...

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Could your business benefit from Our Unique Marine Skincare Products

Vegan Beauty Sep 20, 2016

Could your business benefit from our Unique Marine Skincare Products ? We're looking for new stoc /...

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Natural & Organic Products Europe

Vegan Beauty Apr 18, 2016

Natural and Organic Products Europe is Europe’s biggest trade show for natural products – making /...

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Meade Magazine

Vegan Beauty Jul 14, 2015

Nice mention in the new Meade Magazine (page 42) /...

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Spa Technologies @ Women Sport Report

Vegan Beauty Jul 7, 2015

Latest blog entry at Women Sport Report ( /...

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Mothers Day Picks

Vegan Beauty Mar 10, 2015 /...

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Made In Essex

Vegan Beauty Mar 6, 2015


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Essex Life Magazine Article

Vegan Beauty Mar 5, 2015

Beauty Page Essex Life /...

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