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Mummy’s Little Stars reviews Flower Peel Serum

Vegan Beauty Jun 19, 2018 anti ageing bblogger beauty beauty blogger exfoliating flower peel serum natural serum vegan 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, General, Information, Skincare, Uncategorized

By Fiona @ Mummy's Little Stars Rather than listen to us here at Spa Technologies UK Head Office tell you how great our products are, we thought we would share some links over the next few days to reviews by beauty and lifestyle bloggers who have tried our products and proactively endorse them. Here's our first....please let us know what other products you would like to have reviewed.  

A-MEN! Grooming is Acceptable at Last!

Vegan Beauty Jun 13, 2018 beauty male skincare men men's health awareness men's health week men'shealthweek sport vegan 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, General, Information, men, Products, Skincare, Uncategorized

    There is a growing trend amongst men now that smearing a blob of borrowed moisturiser over razor rash and remembering to squirt some deodorant on is no longer acceptable. It is however an overwhelming market for the “every day” gent who simply wants a productive but effective skincare regime and buying hundreds of products isn’t the answer. In celebration of Men’s Health Awareness Week we have tackled this issue and here are our top ten tips                   Here is our simple g /...

In My Bag I Packed……..

Vegan Beauty Jun 7, 2018 beauty essentials beautyblogger blogger cruelty free cruelty free skincare essentials flower acids flower peel serum hibiscusflower organic peptides serum skin summer vegan vegan skincare veganskincare vitaminc 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, Information, Skincare, Uncategorized

By Cat Tierney An overview of the most versatile products and the holiday "must haves" by Spa Technologies UK As that hallowed fortnight in sunnier climes approaches there is always the last minute dilemma to get everything packed whilst taking minimal luggage. Your make up and skin regime weigh a ton, plus there are all the other extras you need to buy to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time away (and that's just your stuff - there's everyone else to think of too!). Minimising your make /...

Beauty from the Inside Out

Vegan Beauty May 31, 2018 antiageing beautyblogger blog blogger crueltyfree detox dryskin hydration natural naturalbeauty naturalskincare organic vegan veganskincare vitaminc 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, Information, Skincare, Uncategorized

by Cat Tierney   What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put on them. Whilst a dab hand at buying a pre-prepared juice I have never made my own juices and wouldn’t really know where to start, so I went along to Chefs Choice Ltd (a fresh fruit and vegetable distributor serving restaurants and gastro pubs in and around the A127 corridor in Essex) to speak to one of their directors Kirsty Powell about all things juice….. How many ingredients does it take to make a good glass of juice? /...

SPF – Sun, Peptides and (totally) Flummoxed! A whistle stop tour of what to use on your skin and why!

Vegan Beauty May 23, 2018 antiageing beautyblogger blog facials natural naturalbeauty organic peptides skincare spf sun vegan 6 Comments Posted in: Beauty, Information, Skincare, Uncategorized

  by Cat Tierney,   The skincare market can be a confusing old place. I for one struggle about what to read, what to believe and certainly what too use. There seems to be a massive trend towards using heavy creams and often anti-ageing products can leave skin looking more like that of an angst filled teenager. Back in January from the comfort of my sofa I watched BBC 1's "The Truth About Looking Good". Presenter Cherry Healy revealed that whilst 75% of the ageing process is due to sun damage, the /...

Tips on moisturising and treating oily skin

Vegan Beauty Feb 13, 2018 acne antiageing beautyblogger blog blogger cleansing exfoliate facemask hydration marineskincare moisturiser naturalbeauty naturalskincare oilyskin organic sebum skincare spatechnologiesuk tone veganskincare 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, General, Information, Skincare, Uncategorized

Moisturising oily skin can be tricky and quite scary. In my teenage years I was told to use products that will dry my skin and that this will minimise the pores and prevent acne. How many of you still believe that? Because it's time to brush this old myth under the carpet and start moisturising your skin.  Using only astringents and water based creams made my skin feeling tight and irritated and I had plenty of spots all over my face, not to mention acne scars from squeezing every white head i saw. I'm guilty o /...

All Natural and Vegan Certified ingredients

Vegan Beauty Nov 20, 2017 antiageing beautyblogger blog crueltyfree facials hydration marineskincare natural naturalbeauty naturalskincare organic skincare vegan veganskincare 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, Information, Skincare, Uncategorized

Having a proper skin care routine is essential in preserving youth and tone to the skin. I don't know about most of you, but I definitely need help to keep my skin hydrated and healthy. In my 20's I haven't really payed attention to my skin. I used to go to bed with my makeup on and clean my face with shower gel and my idea of hydration was a jar of Nivea body lotion. But with time passing by I started to notice little wrinkles forming around my eyes and my expression lines becoming more accentuated, skin started /...

Oily skin and how to get it ready for Haloween

Vegan Beauty Oct 17, 2017 acne beautyblogger blog blogger cleansing crueltyfree exfoliate hydration marineskincare moisturiser natural naturalskincare oilyskin organic spatechnologiesuk veganskincare 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, Information, Skincare, Uncategorized

Having problematic skin can lower confidence and increase stress. Dealing with hormonal spots and oily skin is a long and annoying process but can become easy once we adopt a healthy diet which will help skin from within. It is important to treat the skin topically too and using natural quality products can make a huge difference in the way it feels and looks. Cleansing is the first and most important step in any skin care routine as it will remove excess sebum and a part of dead cells your skin sheds during /...

Vitamin C derivatives and the effects they have to the skin

Vegan Beauty Sep 20, 2017 antiageing antioxidants beauty beautyblogger blog marineskincare naturalskincare organicskincare serum veganskincare vitaminc 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, Skincare, Uncategorized

We all heard about Vitamin C and its beneficial effects on the skin. There are quite a few derivates of Vitamin C used in skin care products and some are better than others due to their stability and ability to not oxidise once in contact with light and air. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants to combat pigmentation, fine lines and visible sun damaged areas. It also boosts production of collagen, a protein found in our body that provides our skin with strength, elasticity and cell renewal. /...

For sensitive skin – Gentle Facial Cleanser

Vegan Beauty Sep 5, 2017 antiageing beautyblogger blog blogger cleanser marineskincare naturalbeauty organic sensitiveskin skincare vegan 0 Comments Posted in: Beauty, General, Information, Products, Skincare, Uncategorized

For those with sensitive skin the Gentle Facial Cleanser is a great choice to cleanse it without stripping it of it's natural oils. Formulated with aloe vera gel and seaweed extracts to soothe the skin while essential oils will decongest and correct the Ph balance of the skin. We all know how sensitive the area around the eyes is and most cleansers irritate and will make it sensitive, but the Gentle Facial Cleanser is ideal to be used around the eyes as its soap-free and only contains natural ingredients blended /...

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