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Spa Technologies is dedicated to pioneering and developing unique skincare solutions using natural sources to prevent the acceleration of photo-ageing and environmental stress.
The “Technology” in Spa Technologies began with research in the marine world, specifically seaweed and algae and has evolved into advanced delivery systems that drive actives and ingredients deeper into the skin to improve product performance.
Our unique serums and creams are formulated by blending natural active ingredients into a 70% food-grade seaweed base. The result is a nutrient-rich product that provides protection against ageing without relying on chemicals.
We are committed to delivering effective, natural products that protect the skin from environmental stress, while providing valuable nutrients for optimum health and radiant skin.

Eveline Rosenberg (Switzerland) says:

5 star review spa technologies uk
 ” My daugthers are really happy with all the products, they use them every day and have never done this before with other products. So, that already says a lot. All in all I can say that I am very satisfied with your products. What I want to point out is the amount that comes out with one pump. That is just exactly the right amount. And I really like products that come in a dispenser like yours. I much prefer the dispenser compared to the jars. I think it is much more hygienic.I will rebuy the products when empty and the girls certainly will want to rebuy as well. I forgot to mention something that seems very important to me and that I really wish to point out. In the last 33 years since I use cosmetics, I have tried countless different creams of different brands. I have tried expensive ones and also cheap ones (but mostly expensive ones). I was “an eternal seeker”. About 15 years ago I started to get more and more interested in natural cosmetics and have tried quite a few brands (Lavera, Dr. Hauschka, Babor, The Organic Pharmacy, Annemarie Börlind, and a few more). Especially with the natural cosmetics I was never really satisfied. They often don’t smell nice, are too sticky, not effective enough or the price-performance ratio was disappointing. Your products are the best of natural cosmetics I have ever tried. The smell is nice, the consistency is nice, the effectiveness is visible and the price-performance ratio is very satisifying. This really must be said. You can be really proud of your products. It seems that you have succeeded in combining natural ingredients with  scientific effectivness. I am glad I came across your company and your products!
Kind regards,
Eveline ”

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